Waipā building company could solve housing crisis

26 September 2018

Waikato-based TDM Designer Homes is hoping to be among the preferred housing suppliers for the Government's KiwiBuild scheme.

The company's Cambridge factory is undergoing expansion and recently won a top title at the Waipa Networks Business Awards. TDM used an innovative, hybrid timber and steel construction process, to design modular housing ready for occupation within 14 days. It's a system which could appeal to those managing KiwiBuild and could help ease New Zealand's housing crisis.

TDM's operations manager Anthony Blackmoore said 90 per cent of the home is completed before it's transported.

"Once the section's been cut flat and the footings are in, the house is then stitched together. It's then tied down, painted, flooring finished and landscaped all within a fortnight."

TDM's hybrid construction process was formulated after the company, led its founder Trent Montgomery, headed offshore looking for solutions which would fit into New Zealand's rigid building codes and consents.

"We looked at four companies in Melbourne which had different variations of modular housing and then headed to the United States," Blackmoore said.

In San Francisco, the Kiwis investigated the processes of a building company working on high-scale, multi-level construction.

"We were able to pick the best out of their processes and combine them with what we believe to be the most cost-effective building.

"Everything we are doing is up to New Zealand standard and the company is registered with Master Builders for both construction and design."

The company is poised to take advantage of the KiwiBuild scheme, offering a quality assured product for the New Zealand housing market.

"We are certainly not at the bottom end like your transportable homes in the market but more in the medium range, looking to around $2400 a square metre finished. Our finishing specification is ahead of what other developers are providing."

TDM Modular Homes was the recipient of the Excellence in innovation - Judges Award - Waikato Management School, at the 2018 Waipa Network Business Awards in August.

The company planned to have a full-size house for inspection along with a smaller site, at the Waikato Home and Garden Show at Claudelands Event Centre from October 4-7.

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