Exciting fortunes ahead as Waipa prepares for Fieldays

17 May 2017

The importance of Fieldays contribution to the NZ economy, particularly the agriculture export sectors, cannot be overstated.

Founded in 1968, The National Agricultural Fieldays has incrementally grown, annually recording more than 100,000 attendees, who spend in excess of $27m on attending and a further $68m on equipment. Add the organisational expenditure to the figure of $28.5m per annum, Fieldays contribution to the Waikato economy is unsurpassed by any other event.

Fieldays chief executive Peter Nation, speaking at the launch of the 'Waipa Networks 2017 Business Awards' recently, acknowledged Fieldays management works hard to keep abreast of changes to ensure further longevity of the event

"After 49 years of Fieldays we know the event needs to grow, by being innovative and remaining relevant to its customers," he said.

As an event business he said Fieldays really does support the growth of the Waipa region as it has so much to contribute and opportunity ahead of it. Nation spoke proudly of the economic contribution to the region Fieldays makes as he issued a warning for the business operators in the audience.

"I have to tell you $27m was spent by attendees and exhibitors on accommodation, food and beverage last year and its going to happen again this year.

"While the wider region may all get a share of the sales from equipment sales the remainder of the $124 million is spent here in the Waipa and Hamilton."

This year Fieldays will deliver 1500 sites for 1100 exhibitors. Nation confirmed international interest in Fieldays has grown with representatives from 20 countries indicating their presence either as part of a trade delegation, or as an exhibitor.

"The future of the Waipa and the greater Waikato in the years to come is going to be pretty exciting as its sitting on something very special with the growth potential and opportunities," said Nation

"I think we are in for some very special times."

- Waikato Times

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