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Exceptional lifestyle and commercial opportunities mean Waipa is growing faster than many other parts of New Zealand. By 2050, an additional 27,000 people are anticipated to be calling Waipa home.

Invest in Waipa and be part of that growth.


Waipa district is well planned, with excellent infrastructure either in place or planned.

It presents a wide range of development opportunities including sought-after industrial and commercial zones.

Waipa’s outstanding location and connectivity to major cities and ports make the district a rapidly growing business hub.

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Waipa is an exciting place to be and there's a whole lot of projects on the cards that we'd love you to be involved with.

  • Cycleways and walkways
  • 10-lane pool complex for Cambridge
  • New bike skills park for Te Awamutu

By partnering up, we can achieve fantastic results for our community. Find out more.

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